Cremino nuvolato

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Cremino Nuvolato is a variety of Italian marble with great technical and aesthetic features like the well-known Carrara marble.
It belongs to the same marble family of Perlatino and Perlato di Sicilia.

Like every Sicilian marble, also Cremino Nuvolato is used in several fields, from wall and floor covering to interior and exterior design, including home and street furnishing.

Features of Cremino Nuvolato marble

The quarries of the Italian marble Cremino Nuvolato

Cremino Nuvolato marble is quarried, manufactured and produced almost exclusively in the district of Custonaci town, in western Sicily. This variety of Sicilian marble is enhancing the trade of Italian marbles worldwide, supplying a new and fine type of marble.

Cremino Nuvolato composition

Cremino Nuvolato is a Sicilian marble mainly made of fossiliferous limestone. It has a bright beige colour with white spots of pure calcite that make its surface suitable even for the smartest spaces.

The technical, physical and mechanical features of this excellent marble, together with its great aesthetic value, make it the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty, for really stylish street and home furnishing. 

Technical specifications:


  • Composition: 97% CaCO3 with of oxides of Fe, P, Al e Mn
  • Compression breaking load: 1940 kg/cmq
  • Compression breaking load after freezing: 2121 kg/cmq
  • Absorption coefficient: 0.87
  • Indirect tensile breaking load by bending: 139 kg/cmq
  • Impact resistance: 26 cm
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient: 0.0039
  • Frictional wear test: 0.52
  • Specific gravity: 2648 kg/mc
  • Modulus of elasticity: 705.000 kg/cmq


  • Blocks
  • Slabs
  • Tiles of different sizes
  • Steps / Risers
  • Skirting boards
  • Special works
  • Urban furniture
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