Sud Marmi bases its activity on four essential values.

Customers are our focus. All our efforts aim to satisfy our customers' interests and needs. We firmly believe that the company existence relies mainly on customers.

We respect and develop human resources. The management of human resources is based on collaboration, goal sharing and participation to the company's activity. Our company uses the strictest industrial safety systems.



Early stage: Cultivating the quarry



Last stage: Filling the quarry up

We protect the environment. We carry out our manufacturing process respecting all the effective laws regarding both the management of waste and atmosphere emissions.

Our company is now working for the restoration of a disused quarry. According to the project, the quarry will be filled up with aggregates coming from the marble processing and then covered with a grassed field on which typical trees, exclusively of this area, will be planted.
We think we can produce marble while respecting the environment.
Sud Marmi has also adopted one of the green areas of Custonaci town. Beside planting trees, plants and flowers, we care about its cleaning.

Reliability. Reliability means, first of all, skills heritage and entrepreneurial values. Reliability means honesty and trust towards customers and all the stakeholders that take part to the micro-financial, economical, social and political environment.